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  FlexTiles Development Platform
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ADC 8-250-14
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FlexTiles Development Platform

The FlexTiles Development Platform is the 6th generation of "Rapid Prototype" systems that integrate Xilinx FPGA technology and Texas Instrument DSP technology from Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Limited and is the most versatile of them all, but retains compatibility with previous generations for the benefit of current Customers.

This particular Platform was inspired the EU FP7 Project "FlexTiles". This Projects the ultimate goal is being able to design Multi-Core and Heterogeneous "System-on-Chips", combining DSPs, Conventional CPUs, GPUs and application specific re-configurable logic-blocks, stacked into a 3D array of silicon.

The FlexTiles Platform will provide an ideal experimental for such "Real-Life" simulations Platform with it's very large FPGAs, Multiple I/O standards and optional piggy-back I/O Modules, either based on Sundance traditional TIM-40 (Texas Instrument Modules) Modules or the new standard for I/O Module, the VITA-54 FMC Module standard.

The FlexTiles is typical a unit for a desk-top development and comes delivered complete for such purpose, but final systems can also be integrated in 19" 1U-High enclosures

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